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『満願(まんがん)』by Osamu Dazai

About Osamu Dazai Osamu Dazai was a highly influential Japanese author whose literary contributions remain signi...

What is the difference between “アパート” and “マンション” in Japan?

はじめに In English, both "アパート" (apaato) and "マンション" (manshon) can be translated as "apartment" or "flat," but there ar...
JLPT N4 Grammar Format

JLPT N4 Grammar #12: AはBほど〜ない

【いみ】 A is not as ~ as B 【ぶんぽう】 AはBほど〜ない 【れいぶん】 *N4 vocabularies are in bold. 富士山は、エベレストほど高くない。Mt. Fuj...