『星の銀貨 (The Star Money)』by グリム兄弟 (the Brothers Grimm)

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About “The Star Money”

“The Star Money,” by the Brothers Grimm, is a German folktale that tells the story of a poor little girl who faces hardships but is rewarded for her kindness and faith.

The tale begins with a young girl, without parents, who shares her last piece of bread with others in need. She selflessly gives away all her belongings to children she encounters along the way, eventually ending up with nothing.

However, her acts of kindness and unwavering faith are rewarded when stars in the sky shower her with silver coins. She collects the coins and is able to live a prosperous life. Miraculously, she also finds herself adorned in new garments.

“The Star Money” conveys the message that good deeds are rewarded while emphasizing the importance of faith and kindness. Like many of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales, it aims to impart moral lessons to the readers.




Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She didn’t have a father or mother. She was very poor, and eventually, she had no place to live and no bed to sleep in. In the end, all she had was a piece of bread in her hand, given to her by a kind-hearted person.

However, this girl had a pure heart and strong faith. Even though she had been completely abandoned by the world, she relied only on the power of the benevolent God. She walked alone across the field. Then, a poor-looking man appeared and said, “Hey, give me something to eat. I’m starving.”

The girl gave the man her only piece of bread and said, “May God bless you.” Then, she continued walking. This time, a crying child came to her and said, “I’m so cold. Please give me something to cover my head.”

The girl took off her hood and gave it to the child. Then, as the girl walked a little further, another child came out, shivering without a single piece of clothing. So, she took off her own coat and gave it to the child. Then, a child came asking for a skirt, and the girl took off her skirt and gave it to them.

Eventually, the girl arrived at a forest. It was already dark, but another child came out and asked for an undergarment. The girl, still with her pure heart, thought, “It’s already pitch black, so no one will see. Alright, I’ll give them my undergarment too.” And so, she took off her undergarment and gave it away.

Now, having given away everything, the girl was completely naked and had nothing left. But suddenly, from high up in the sky, shooting stars fell down. Moreover, they were shining silver coins, pure and glittering. And on top of that, without even realizing it, the girl found herself wearing a new undergarment, which was an incredibly smooth linen garment.

The girl gathered the silver coins and lived a prosperous life with them.



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